Thumbs up!

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Rule of thumb

Strictly thumb dancing

Improvisation was the order of the day when it became clear Thumb Bloke didn't have the feet for dancing.

Thumbs down

The Jolie-Pitts were unsure about the latest addition to their rainbow family. Twats.

Thumb sucker

Thumb burn

Opposable thumb

Thumb's away

Green thumb

Thumb and dumber

Carrying a small dog in your handbag is so last year. Ridiculous Woman steps out with her latest accessory.

Humpty Thumbty


Chewing thumb

Tom Thumb

Thumb Bloke was upstaged on Oprah by an even freakier dude.

Of all the thumb joints in all the towns...

Thumbing a ride

Beach thumb

Thumb Bloke takes a break after one too many trips to the finger buffet at his all-inc hotel.